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Dentures/Partial Dentures

A denture or partial denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth. Dentures are usually fabricated from acrylic materials but may occasionally incorporate the use of other materials. There are also several types of dentures that can be fabricated to fit over implant fixtures. (See Implant Dentistry). A custom-made, properly fit denture or partial denture can be completely inconspicuous and natural-looking, and should be comfortable for chewing, as well as allowing for normal speech.

Dr. Kois knows that a denture is NEVER an equal replacement for your natural teeth. However, his artistry and skill with dentures and partial dentures is a result of understanding the balance between function and esthetics. This knowledge, combined with the latest technology, is further enhanced by using a dental laboratory or combination of laboratories, to fabricate each patient’s denture.

There is typically a series of appointments necessary to complete a denture or partial denture. In addition to appointment time with Dr. Kois, there needs to be adequate time in between each appointment to allow the laboratory time for precision fabrication. The number of necessary appointments may vary from patient to patient depending on individual needs and types of removable dentures being fabricated.

*Dr. Kois limits the fabrication of dentures and partial dentures to patients who are undergoing comprehensive treatment.